John Fannell Opens For BB KingStand-up Comedy Show

Irreverent and self-deprecating, John navigates the perils of life, love, family, and work with his tour of our cultural landscape. With some characters and guitar comedy thrown in as well, he confronts the mundane yet unpredictable universe we all share on our ride through this life together – The perfect way to liven up your event, and leave your audience laughing.

Motivation Complications

“I always thought I’d be smarter; now what?”

Lucky for us, it’s not about smarts; it’s about effort.
After a career in the corporate world, John brings his funny approach to motivation, goal setting, and strengthening relationships in both your business and personal life. Face your fear; your boredom and everything in between. Learn the art of outsmarting yourself. Don’t let others define you. Don’t let your circumstances define you.

A program suited for everyone from managers to sale reps, to customer service associates, your grandmother, dogs, cats, boy scouts, burly bikers and anyone addicted to their cell phone and I-Pad.

 John also talks about…

  • Positive use of humor in your everyday life
  • Creating a Motivation Toolbox
  • Embracing what is unique about you…
  • Outsmarting your distractions
  • Using fear to find a your higher gear